Monday, October 17, 2011

The making of a promotional website

This is the commercial we hope will bring people to our website:

This is the video that will introduce people to me and hopefully encourage them to either go back and download my books or to download a pay per view podcast :

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Heidi Hall - WriterGurl1: For Love or Legacy by Ruth Cardello - Another grea...

Heidi Hall - WriterGurl1: For Love or Legacy by Ruth Cardello - Another grea...: Somehow between finishing the first book in my new series, cleaning my windows and patio furniture, and washing my car, I managed to also f...

Another author goes FREE.

Calista Taylor and I had many discussions about whether or not she should try to go FREE on Amazon.  I'm sure she is dancing this morning as her book is #21 on the FREE list.  Here is hoping that it goes to #1!  It couldn't happen to a nicer fellow author.

When she puts her second book out (next month)...will she have the same results?  Cali is doing all the right stuff.  I'm thrilled to see it work for someone else.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Contests Contests Contests - worth it?

My first two contests were via my website for $25 gift cards.  They didn't get many entrants, but they DID generate a buzz about my book.

My 3rd contest was a blast.  People wrote scenes loosely related to my books and submitted them to my FB page for my "friends" to vote for.  I loved all the entries and my "friends" doubled.

My 4th contest is underway now....a youtube video contest.  I'll keep you updated.