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Is the Andrade series over?

I'm receiving a lot of mail about Loving Gigi being the last book in the Andrade series. So many are asking what is coming next that I thought I'd give you a preview. My next billionaire series will be set in the same world as the Andrades and the Legacy Collection. What that means is that the characters will have fun cameos in the new series. This family is related to the Andrades. I'm finishing up a different book that I'll be announcing soon, but I can't wait to start this series. I've already outlined what is looking like another wild ride.

I have plans to revisit my older series now and then with novellas, but for now this is the project I'm most excited about.

Loving Gigi Excerpt 2 (August 6 release) Available on pre-order now

 (Loving Gigi Excerpt: Good friends know when it's time to leave.)

Gigi’s cell phone buzzed with a message. “It’s Rocco. Oh, my God.” Gigi jumped up from her spot on the couch and knocked her glass of wine over on the table. “Shit.”
Annelise was beside her, mopping up the mess with napkins. “What happened? What did he say?”
Gigi read over the message from her bodyguard again. “He said Kane is here. In my apartment building. Right downstairs. Why would he come here?”
Annelise walked over to pick up her purse. “Because he wants to see you?”
“Where are you going?” Gigi asked in a panic and read another message on her phone. “Rocco said Kane is on his way up.”
“You don’t want me here.”
Gigi grabbed her friend’s arm. “Yes, I do. You don’t know how I get with Kane. I can’t be alone with him.”
Thoroughly amused, Annelise asked, “Are you afraid he’ll jump you or that you’ll jump him?”
Gigi’s grip tightened on Annelise’s arm. “Neither. Both. I don’t know. I need your objective opinion. Stay and watch how he is with me. I don’t even care if this sounds immature. I’m telling you, my brain shuts off around him. Help me not make a complete fool of myself by imagining what’s maybe not there.”
Laughing, Annelise pried Gigi’s hand off her arm. “Okay. Okay. I’ll hang out for a little bit. I’ve never seen you like this with a man.”
“I’ve never felt like this. I’m already a wreck. Imagine how I’d be if I slept with him and then didn’t hear from him. I’d go insane.”
“Whoa, where did that come from? Slow down. You barely know him, and the last time you saw him he was with another woman.”
“I know. Which is why you have to swear to stay. I can’t trust my judgment when it comes to Kane. Whatever happens, don’t leave.” There was a knock on the door. “Promise?”
Concern had replaced Annelise’s amusement. “I promise. I don’t want you to get hurt, Gigi.”
Gigi gave Annelise a quick hug, then checked her image in a mirror on the wall before rushing to the door. “I don’t want that either. Especially since he’s so close to Gio. I don’t want to do anything that threatens what I found, but, oh, wait until you see him.” 
With her heart thudding crazily in her chest and her hands shaking with excitement, Gigi tried to keep her facial expression calm when she opened the door. “Kane, this is a surprise.” Her eyes flew to his, and the chemistry she’d asked herself a thousand times if she’d imagined was back, even stronger than before. Her lips parted involuntarily, and she swallowed nervously. He leaned in as if drawn by the same irresistible force. His lips hovered above hers, the warmth of his breath a caress she knew she’d enjoy on many parts of her. Flushed, Gigi licked her bottom lip and loved how he watched the move hungrily.
“I hope I’m not interrupting anything,” he said in a deep, husky voice.
“We were just having wine,” Annelise said from beside them. “You must be Kane. My name is Annelise.”
Kane raised his head slowly and tore his eyes from Gigi to greet her friend. “Yes, I am. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”
Gigi clung to the door handle for support, practically sagging against it during the temporary reprieve. I’m such an idiot. For all I know Gio asked him to drop something off for me. Hold it together. “What brings you by, Kane?”
His eyes flew back to hers, as they silently said, “You.” But his actual answer gave much less away. “I have business in London. I didn’t see you before you left and thought I’d check to see how you’re doing.”
Breathe. Play it cool. Gigi closed the door and raised a hand in the direction of the couches behind them. “Well, your timing is perfect. As Annelise said, we were just having wine. Would you like a glass?”
“I’d love one.” It wasn’t what Kane said, but how he said it that sent waves of heat through Gigi. He wanted more than wine.
Oh, God, me too. Me, too. “Have a seat. I’ll get you a glass.”
Behind the swinging door of her kitchen, Gigi wrapped her arms around her waist, closed her eyes, and bit her lip. I don’t know him well enough to feel this way. If being ditched after a kiss hurt, do I really want to risk more?
Don’t do it.

When Gigi returned with his glass, Kane was seated on the couch across from her friend. The way Annelise was looking him over reminded him how he’d felt in high school when going out with someone involved meeting her father. He shot her what he considered a charming smile.
She didn’t smile back. “So, how long will you be in London?”
Her eyes narrowed. “You said you were here for business.”
“Oh, yes. Not sure yet. We’re considering an expansion, so I’m visiting sites for a potential secondary regional office.”
“Any in Scotland?”
“Very possibly.”
“Would it be a permanent office or a temporary endeavor?”
Kane loosened the tie that suddenly felt tight around his neck. He stood with relief when Gigi returned with his glass of wine and one for herself. The awkwardness of Annelise’s questions was quickly forgotten as well as the woman herself. That was the risk of seeing Gigi again. He wanted her with an intensity that overshadowed everything and everyone.
Gigi held out the glass of wine to Kane. His hand brushed hers while he accepted it. From the expression in her eyes when they met his, Kane knew she felt the same fire that had shot through him. “Thank you,” he said softly. She held his eyes for a moment longer. He’d never wanted to kiss a woman as desperately as he wanted to kiss her. To taste her plump lips. He groaned.
“Gigi, Kane was just telling me about the business that brought him to the area. It sounds as if it’s all still up in the air,” Annelise said cheerfully from the chair across from them.
Without looking at her friend, Gigi answered breathlessly, “Business decisions can be complicated. They aren’t something to be rushed into.”
“Not unless you know what you want and, in this case, I do,” Kane said.
“Do you?” Gigi’s lips parted again deliciously.
“Yes,” Kane said decisively.
Annelise chirped in again. “How exciting. And surprising, I bet, too. Gigi, didn’t you tell me you hadn’t heard from Kane since you saw him that last time at Gio’s?”
Gigi shook her head as if clearing it, and the temporary spell that had overtaken both of them was broken. She looked over at her friend and nodded. “I did say that.”
They seemed to share a meaningful look. “You did.”
Gigi took a seat in a chair beside the couch and downed a gulp of her wine. Kane placed his glass on the table in front of him and returned to the couch. He turned a charming smile on Annelise again. “Do you think it’s possible to give Gigi and me a few minutes alone? We have something we need to . . . discuss.”
He expected Annelise to bow out gracefully. She seemed to understand what was going on between them. However, in an act that raised Kane’s level of frustration, Annelise settled herself deeper in her chair. “Gigi and I tell each other everything, so I’m sure she’s okay with me hearing whatever.”
“It’s okay, Annelise. I want to hear what he has to say.”
“That’s apparent, but I promised to hang out with you tonight. Remember how you said you didn’t want to be alone?”
“She won’t be,” Kane said definitively. He had no intention of leaving. Gigi’s eyes flew to his.
“Annelise is right. She should stay.”
Okay. Gigi had called in reinforcements. That was fair. Why should she trust me? I haven’t given her a reason to. I imagine she’s as confused as I have been. Kane stood and walked over to Gigi. “I spent the last month living at my office instead of coming here and doing what I wanted to.” He took her by the hand and pulled her up to stand in front of him. “This.”
The moment their lips touched all sanity left Kane. What started as a light kiss deepened quickly. Gigi wound her arms around his neck, pressing intimately against him. He couldn’t get enough. She held nothing back. It was a kiss that consumed both of them.
“Okay, that’s it. I give up. It was nice to meet you, Kane. Gigi, call me tomorrow.” With that, Annelise left the apartment.
Kane heard her, but he was already beyond caring about her presence. Gigi felt better than he remembered. Her mouth tasted sweeter. Her body softer beneath his firm hands. He didn’t want to stop to discuss why he hadn’t contacted her.
Without breaking off their kiss he lifted her in his arms and set off down the hallway toward what he guessed would be her bedroom. He’d spent countless nights imagining what he would do if he had Gigi in his bed.
Tonight he planned to enjoy every moment of being in hers.

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Temptation Series Excerpts

Temptation Series:

How far would you go if you had the chance to fulfill your secret fantasies?

What would you ask someone to do, if you knew they’d do anything?

After the death of her mother and the abrupt end of her marriage, Kate is desperately unhappy to be spending the holidays alone. She vents her frustration in a letter to the one man her mother taught her to believe in: Santa Claus. This year she is rebelliously requesting something guaranteed to raise his eyebrows.

Brock Foster has wanted Kate since they were in high school. When he finds her letter, her hot Christmas wish becomes his obsession. Winning her will require skill and deception. Brock initiates a game that will bring them together—and tear them apart.
Join Kate and Brock as they discover what happens when Santa puts you on his Naughty List.
Kate's letter:
Dear Santa,
I hate you.
I know hate is a harsh word and that a lady never uses it, but my days of being proper are over.
I’m sure you recognize my handwriting. There can’t be many twenty-eight-year-old women who still write to you.
You can thank my mother for that. When I stopped believing in you as an actual person, she held out that you were the spirit of hope and dreams. Each time I doubted you, she would retell the story of the year her family had nothing and you brought them food, clothing that fit, and shoes for each child.
Between you and me, your involvement in that was a crock of shit. We both know it was probably someone from her church who felt bad for her family.
When I think of all the time I wasted crafting the perfect letters to you just because it made my mother smile, I want to hunt you down and kick your red-velvet-covered ass. You never gave me what I asked for. You only sent a mockery of it.
Remember in high school when I asked for a boyfriend who would hold my hand and listen to me? What I got was a borderline stalker with hands so sweaty they felt like sponges. Sure, he wanted to hold my hand. He also wore the underwear he stole out of my gym bag. He said it was his way of staying close to me. Then he followed me all over town trying to explain why that was normal. I told him not to touch me so much that I gained the nickname Untouchable Kate.
I didn’t out him because ladies are above vindictiveness.
I guess I’m not a lady anymore, either, because I want to find him and beat his sorry ass, too.
I wrote to you in college. I don’t know why. I guess it made me feel closer to my mother, and I missed her. I was in such a hurry to grow up back then. My friends were all getting married. I asked you for a husband—and you sent Wayne Price.
Just like you, he was all show. He came from a good family, made the right amount of money, looked like one of the Kennedys, and said he loved me. I thought you had finally listened to me. When he asked me to marry him, I had no idea what a twisted sense of humor you have, Santa.
If you were going to send me a man who would sleep with every last one of my friends, couldn’t you have at least made him good in bed? Is an orgasm here or there too much to ask for?
When Mom found out she was sick, I wasn’t going to ask anything of you. I’d stopped believing in you long before that. But there we were last year, Mom and I, in a hospital room just before Christmas, and she wanted both of us to write to you. I didn’t ask you to cure her. All I asked was for you to take away her pain.
I hate you more than I thought I was capable of hating anyone.
It’s Christmas time again. If Mom were here she’d ask me to write to you. So here is your fucking Christmas letter.
Santa, if you are indeed real, I’m not looking for love anymore. You’ve thoroughly killed my belief in happily ever after. I do, however, have a Christmas wish.
To help me get my mind off how much this time of year sucks, I’m asking for a good old-fashioned, down-and-dirty fucking. I want a man who knows his way around a woman’s body. Give him a long tongue and a nice big cock, and make him strong enough to be able to fuck me against a wall.
He should not only know where a G-spot is, but what to do with it once he finds it. Someone who doesn’t finish until I do. I don’t give a shit who the man is or if I ever see him again. I want to come so many times I can’t remember my name. That’s what I want under my tree this year.
This is the last time I’ll write to you.

Hating you in a most unladylike fashion,
Untouchable Kate

P.S. Fuck you

Brock's answer:

Dear Kate,

Your letter has been received and processed. Santa doesn’t grant the type of Christmas wish you requested, but I do.
In the spirit of the holiday, I’ll offer you twelve temptations that will guide you to what you’re craving. In return, you will follow my instructions and tell me every juicy detail of your journey.
We will communicate only through texts.
Temptation number one is right in front of you. Turn on the phone, Kate. I’m the only number in there.

Waiting to hear from you,
Head Elf in charge of the Naughty List

P.S. I’d take you up on the offer to fuck you, but this isn’t about me. It’s about you. I can show you how to get what you want, but you have to be brave enough to turn on the phone.

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Gigi Bassano

Young. Beautiful. Idealistic. Proud. Gigi was raised outside the Andrade clan, but it has left her with an ache she cannot deny. When she’s invited to her brothers’ weddings, she refuses at first, then changes her mind and attends without telling anyone. She won’t let herself love them, but she can’t stay away. It’s a recipe for disappointment and heartbreak.

Especially when she throws herself at her brother’s best friend, Kane.

Kane Sander

Sexy, rich, loyal, protective.  He shouldn't want her. But he will.

He should stay away from her. But he won't.

Love doesn’t follow anyone’s rules. Deny it. Run from it. Love always finds a way.


After hanging up, Gigi sagged back against the chair in relief.  If she wasn’t ready to explain last night to Annelise, she definitely wasn’t prepared to defend it to Gio. She owed Julia a grateful hug the next time she saw her for diffusing what might have been an ugly situation.

A loud knock on the door was followed by Gio’s voice ordering, “Open the door, Gigi.”
Gigi stood, tightened the belt of her robe around her waist and reluctantly opened the door enough so she could see her brother. He looked as angry as his wife was embarrassed.
With a sheepish smile, Julia poked around Gio’s side and said, “I’m sorry, Gigi, I tried. He can be so stubborn sometimes.”
Eyes narrowed with irritation, Gio said, “Rocco wouldn’t look me in the eye when I asked him why you had stayed home. He wouldn’t tell me who was with you, either. He’s gone.”
Good for Rocco! Anger slowly overtook Gigi’s embarrassment. “You can’t fire my bodyguard.”
Gio looked back at her like a king explaining his role. “I can if I hired him.”
“Something you shouldn’t have done because I told you I didn’t need one.”
“Then you won’t miss him.”
Gigi threw up her hands in frustration, and the door swung the rest of the way open as she did. “Gio, I’m your sister, but I’m not a child. I am perfectly capable of—”
“Who’s at the door, Gigi?” Kane asked from behind her. She looked over her shoulder just in time to see Kane walk fully into the living room with a white towel slung around his waist and another towel draped around his neck. She tried to wave him back, but it was too late.

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