Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Loving Gigi (Book 5 of the Andrades) Available for pre-order NOW.


Coming to pre-order soon!  Early August release!

Gigi Bassano

Young. Beautiful. Idealistic. Proud. Gigi was raised outside the Andrade clan, but it has left her with an ache she cannot deny. When she’s invited to her brothers’ weddings, she refuses at first, then changes her mind and attends without telling anyone. She won’t let herself love them, but she can’t stay away. It’s a recipe for disappointment and heartbreak.

Especially when she throws herself at her brother’s best friend, Kane.

Kane Sander

Sexy, rich, loyal, protective.  He shouldn't want her. But he will.

He should stay away from her. But he won't.

Love doesn’t follow anyone’s rules. Deny it. Run from it. Love always finds a way.


After hanging up, Gigi sagged back against the chair in relief.  If she wasn’t ready to explain last night to Annelise, she definitely wasn’t prepared to defend it to Gio. She owed Julia a grateful hug the next time she saw her for diffusing what might have been an ugly situation.

A loud knock on the door was followed by Gio’s voice ordering, “Open the door, Gigi.”
Gigi stood, tightened the belt of her robe around her waist and reluctantly opened the door enough so she could see her brother. He looked as angry as his wife was embarrassed.
With a sheepish smile, Julia poked around Gio’s side and said, “I’m sorry, Gigi, I tried. He can be so stubborn sometimes.”
Eyes narrowed with irritation, Gio said, “Rocco wouldn’t look me in the eye when I asked him why you had stayed home. He wouldn’t tell me who was with you, either. He’s gone.”
Good for Rocco! Anger slowly overtook Gigi’s embarrassment. “You can’t fire my bodyguard.”
Gio looked back at her like a king explaining his role. “I can if I hired him.”
“Something you shouldn’t have done because I told you I didn’t need one.”
“Then you won’t miss him.”
Gigi threw up her hands in frustration, and the door swung the rest of the way open as she did. “Gio, I’m your sister, but I’m not a child. I am perfectly capable of—”
“Who’s at the door, Gigi?” Kane asked from behind her. She looked over her shoulder just in time to see Kane walk fully into the living room with a white towel slung around his waist and another towel draped around his neck. She tried to wave him back, but it was too late.


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