Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Update -- writing full-time

It's been almost a month since I took unpaid leave from my day job.  It doesn't look like I'll be able to extend the leave through next year, so I'm at a crossroads of sort. 

Since book 2 went up at the end of August 2011 -- I'm made over $130,000 (8 months). Sounds like a lot, but remember that you pay 35% in taxes.  Still, no complaints.  My earnings allowed me to stop trying to cram two full-time jobs into one workday.

I write M-F from 8-3 (sometimes 9-4) and then I close my laptop.  Writing can consume you and I have a family -- the reason I work so hard -- who needs me.  For me, it's an ideal schedule.  I write best when I'm most alert in the morning and at 3:00 I still have plenty of time and energy left to enjoy the ones I love.  If it never gets better than this, I'm so incredibly happy.

My goal is to get my 3rd book up on the major ebook vendors by July 15, 2012 and start furiously writing book 4. If I could have that one out before Christmas, I'd be in a much better position by the next Christmas "bump" comes.  Right now I'm paying off our bills and trying to put my family in a situation where we could survive a financial slump.

My dream?  Oh, I have a lofty goal of being able to afford to pay for good colleges for my kids. I couldn't have done that on my teacher's salary; we would have only dug ourselves deeper in debt.  Add to that equation the fact that the district I taught in is in a huge financial crisis -- threatening everything from lowering teacher pay again to not being able to make payroll.  This career change could not have come at a better time.

 Thank you to everyone who has purchased one of my books or helped to spread the word about it.  You've changed my life and the lives of my children.  They now have a mom who loves her job and is full of energy again.

You can make your dreams a reality.  You can achieve those goals that you're working at.  Don't give up.  Just when you wonder if you were crazy to think you could ever do it -- that's just when something truly wonderful could happen.

I know -- I'm living my dream.  It's a humble dream, but one that I thank God every night for.


  1. Love your blog Ruthie; I just want you to know that you inspire me; first with your wonderful stories, and especially for being a supportive friend to me and others ~ you make me laugh, and I know Im a better writer because of your tenanciouness!! love ya, girlfriend ~

  2. I'm so happy just reading your blog! You are your own Happily Ever After and it couldn't have happened to a better person! I am so honored to have just a small part in your success story. Keep writing and smiling and good things will continue to happen!

  3. You are my hero...or heroine! :) I'm so glad you get to live the dream life with those amazing children. Keep enjoying them.

  4. What an uplifting and inspiring post, Ruth! I've enjoyed both of your books and am thrilled to see you achieve such success! Your hard work is really paying off for you and your family. In these tough economic times, it's nice to find a job you love that pays those bills and lets you put a little away for security! Congrats :)

  5. Hi Ruth. Congrats. Thanks to you I have my ebook up on amazon now. So far so. I am working on two in the series now and maybe someday soon, I'll have a similar story to tell people

  6. Thank you for inspiring me!! And I'm so glad that you have found success! My dream is very much the same as yours, so its amazing to read about your journey. Now I just need to set up a solid 8-3 day and get mine done...LOL. I love your books and look forward to the ones that come! Congratulations, and Happy Mothers Day!