Saturday, July 21, 2012

New York Times ebook Bestseller! OMG!

This whole wild ride started when my school district booted me from the job I loved, Kindergarten teacher.  Change is scary, but look what can happen if you embrace it.  Sometimes the bumpiest rides lead to the most incredible places.

Thanks for sharing this ride with me :) 


  1. WOOT!!! So excited for you Ruthie - look what happens when you combine great stories and tons of hard work!! :)

  2. I’m catching up with Internet news, missing some because I’m not spending much time on the social nets, so, I just found out about this, Ruth.
    This is great, you made it girl!
    Yes, I know you are targeting the first place, and I’m sure you will make it over there too. I still remember one year ago, where you were, and how exciting was for me to see a self-published romance author having such success. Thanks for sharing that journey with all of us. I wish there were more people willing to tell you how important, as an example, you’ve been in their own publishing path.

    A hug from a grateful wannabee author.