Sunday, August 19, 2012

Scavenger Hunt 8-19-12

Scavenger hunt 8/19/2012

Do not post your responses here on this thread.  Please send  the responses to my email via my website  -- Contact Ruth

All the same rules and prizes remain the same this week.  Be the first to send the correct answers to my email and you'll win $100 (paid either via paypal or in an Amazon gift card).  Contact me via FB if you win and we'll discuss how you want to be paid.
I’ll announce a winner as soon as we have one, but keep mailing me those answers because everyone who enters from 7-8 pm eastern US time will be entered into a raffle on the last day of the scavenger hunt!

Q1:  What is the title of Kathleen Brooks’ latest release? (in her Bluegrass series, August 16)

Q2:  The following is a description of which one of Sandra Marton’s romances?  “Kathryn Russell inherits an estate in the Caribbean but what she finds is a once-magnificent mansion sinking into ruin. There's nothing to keep her there--except the man who makes passionate love to her in the dark of night. Is Matthew McDonnell real, or is he a ghost? After a while, it doesn't matter. All that's important is that they find a way to be together... and that they defeat the terrible evil that stalks them.” 

Q3:  What is the name of Bella Andre’s latest romance (#5 in the Sullivan series)?
Q4:  Who wrote the article, It’s Not the Size of the Book, It’s the Motion in the Ocean: Filthy Novels, Rated – (The article that rated me as no whips, but 3 penises)?

Q4: What is your favorite review (on Amazon) for Maid for the Billionaire? (Simply copy/paste it here.)

Q5: What is the name of Teri Marie’s most recent billionaire romance? (August 16, 2012)

Q6:  What are the names of the 4 books in Annette Blair’s Scoundrel Series?

Q7:  What is another pen name that Shaina Richmond (who wrote Safe with Me) writes under? (Hint:  “You may also find me under the name…”

Q8: Midnight Fire is book one of Melody Anne’s Midnight series.  What is the name of book 2 in that series?

Q9:  How many days has Bedding the Billionaire been in the top 100 on Amazon’s Kindle ebooks top 100 list? 

Q10:  I’ve been talking about Street Teams on my FB page.  Instead of calling it a street team, I’m considering calling it what?


  1. Sorry about the 2 questions for number 4

  2. There must be a delay in mail delivery. I'll post here and on FB when there is a winner. I haven't gotten any yet.

  3. Ok, so this way you don't get the instant gratification...but there will still be a winner :)

  4. Did anyone even play? lol This is so weird.

  5. I'm guessing this contest is over with now?