Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Promotion that works?

People are always asking me how I am promoting my book.  If you've read this blog from the start you know some of the foundation I laid.  I tweet, I blog, I FB.

I might actually make podcasts of each and how I use them since there seems to be enough interest in the subject.

As far as I can tell, promotion isn't doing one thing.  It's about making connections, building relationships, helping others.  I'm so pleased that my journey has not only made my book visible, but it has also brought so many wonderful people into my life.

Don't worry, it has brought the boobs, we don't speak of those.

So, if you're wondering what I'm doing for  promotion...come on over to my FB page, Author Ruth Cardello and check out my contests.  I'm having so much fun with them.  Check out my tweets and how often they are about other people.  I don't have all the answers.  Heck, I just started in April, but I will gladly share what little I've learned along the way. 

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