Sunday, September 11, 2011


Ok, so I've decided to go to my first romance conference and everyone tells me that I need to invest in some swag.

What is swag and why do I need it?

I spent an hour last night reading about what authors bring to their conferences and like so many other promotional techniques I wonder -- How the hell does that help you?

I get how a business card would help you.  I even get how giving pens with you information could help.  And the list of what people give is as extensive as it is fascinating:  lipgloss, mirrors, can openers, bag clips.  And then the more general swag that has the picture of your book on it.

I met a few authors recently who handed me what I now know was their "swag."  I stuffed it in my purse.  I believe some fell to the floor of my car.  I hate to throw it away since they spent money making it, but seriously...with kids....where do I put these half-naked pictures of people?

If I had more money I'd get everyone a flash drive with my info on it.  Who doesn't love those?

Maybe I'll settle for pens.

Help me out here, does swag really work?  Wouldn't just a few nice business cards handed out to those who seem to want to know  more be just as effective?

Is this like men who think more cologne is sexier?  Is less more?

I'd love to hear what you think. 

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  1. Do the swag but do it to suit you...instead of half some sexyness not toooo sexy.....remember KIDS