Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Why my romances advocate social issues/activism...

Some critics of my romances have asked me why I weave what they consider political messages through my romances. One woman wrote to me and said that Stephan's feelings about global warming and Nicole's desire to donate money from auctioning off her father's house were not necessary to my story.  She said I could write a good romance without those messages.

Everything an author writes holds a message whether or not they want to admit it.  I do have strong beliefs about family, forgiveness and duty toward one another.  I couldn't remove those aspects of my books any more than I could leave out the happy ending.  When I create a fantasy world, I want it all.

When my cowboy romance gets published, some of its proceeds will be donated to horse rescues.  Why? Simply because horses have brought me so much joy and it seems fitting that a romance that features them should help a species who has suffered greatly in these tough economic times.

If you'd like to read more about what I've done for animals shelters in the past, read my old myspace page  ....  ....  I know, can you believe I even still have one?  The posts are old, but you'll get to see my husband, my horses, and some of the projects I've done locally.  You don't need to do much to make a huge difference.  Every little bit counts.
I asked my Facebook friends to help me decide what I should write about on this blog.  One woman told me to be myself and that inspired me . 

So my answer to those who would ask me to keep social views out of my romances? I can't.  It's who I am. 

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