Saturday, January 26, 2013

Now on Google +

You can also find me here!


  1. Let's see if I can comment even I have no Google + account ...

  2. I'm signed up with it but I'll be darned if I know how to use it! I hope it works for you!

  3. Whether we figure it out or not, you have no idea how much your comments touched me. Thank you! You're wonderful! And I am one lucky romance author to know you :)

  4. I am here. I am learning this google+ too and I feel out my element lol

  5. I'm here too!! :)
    Interesting that we have to type in 2 words to prove we aren't a robot! LOL!

    1. yeah! Am most times we get it wrong since it's not always clear ... so what does that say? Does it prove we are robots if we get it right, and if it's wrong - we're humans lol...

  6. If you get this note twice, I’m sorry, the original attempt disappeared on me and I was not sure it was sent… so here goes. This is my first time writing to an author, or even commenting on any book I have read. But I have read the entire legacy series, including RISE OF THE BILLIONAIRE. I could not put it down until I had devoured the entire book …. I even read wile stuck in traffic jam and at traffic lights. The standard, interest, high and fun is as enthralling as the first book MAID FOR THE MILLIONAIRE. Now patience is not my strong suit so I am going crazy trying to find the synopsis and or the first chapter (or two) of BREACHING THE BILLIONAIRE – ALETHEA’S STORY. When will it be out? Or is it already out as an excerpt in another book? Please, please, please, let me know… I just can’t wait for it, since I already have to wait till fall for the actual book (tear rolls down my cheeks!)