Thursday, August 18, 2011

Promoting Book 2

Ok, so not every idea I've had so far is

The B&B...I thought it was genius.....well, maybe when I make enough money to pay for my own rooms.
This is what I'm thinking about the twitter contest:
  • increase my # of twitter followers  
  • get the word out about my book 2 being available
  • go "viral"...not totally sure what that even means, but I know I want
What I've learned:
  • Keep it simple
  • Make it fair...either visible or with a 3rd party raffle
  • Keep it short...better to have smaller prizes more frequently than one large prize
My idea:

  • use my author website page to host the contest
  • Use twitter to guide people to the website to read the directions of the contest
  • Have people list what they have done off a list of promotional ideas and post what they did on my website.  For this part I would run the contest for one day and simply award to the person who had done the most.  I could run this contest once a week.
  • I was thinking about making a page on my website....favorite quotes from the book...where you post your favorite quote and why.  This contest could be done like a raffle.  This one would run for a week.
Prizes:  I'm thinking about $25 gift certificates to Amazon.


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