Friday, August 26, 2011

Who inspires you to write?

It was my first day in RIRW.  Fresh from a critique group where one woman had told me that my writing was so bad that it made her bang her head on the wall, I was terrified to share my writing with these women.

I sat down next to Annette.  I didn't know that she'd won various writing contest and had several books on the bestseller's list.  Oh, no, had I known that I wouldn't have shown her my writing at all.  She read my three pages and told me that she was going to risk offending me.  She told me that my writing was good enough that she didn't need to be nice to me.  Nicely, and with suggestions that no one had taken the time to share with me before, she showed me where my writing was strong and where it was weak.  I walked away from our talk feeling empowered to learn more about writing.

I've met good writers and I've met good people.  Annette is a wonderful mixture of both.  If you're lucky enough to sit next to her at a conference, you will walk away with a better understanding of the market and inspired to keep trying on your WIP.  Sales didn't come easy to her and that is part of her charm.  She fought for what she has achieved and it has given her not only the ability to savor each success, but also a keen appreciation for how new writers feel.

Check her out on facebook and while you're there "like" her page.  The magical gnomes of promotion say it helps -- although I still don't know how.

And if you happen to buy one of her many books -- you can do so knowing that you couldn't support a nicer author.

Forever grateful I sat next to her during my first RIRW meeting,
Ruth Cardello


  1. Very nice experience! Annette was the first writer I ever emailed. That was about six years ago. She exchanged a few emails with me and recently found me on LinkedIn. Talk about excited. She found ME! Annette was the main person who encouraged me at the beginning to keep trying and told me about RWA. In a way, she's the person who pushed me to keep at it and probably didn't know it. Thanks Annette and thanks Ruth for sharing your story.

    Melanie Macek

  2. I cried when I first read Ruthie's post, it was such a surprise, and now Melanie, thanks for the new lump in my throat. It's true, I guess. You never know how powerful your words can be.

  3. What a lovely tribute, and so true and well deserved.

  4. Annette was the president of RIRW when I went to the all day mini-conference. She was the person I met there. (I had already met Blanche at NEC, she was the one who told me about RIRW.)

    Annette and I stood outside the conference room door and waited for the door to be unlocked. She introduced herself and bade me a warm welcome. When the business meeting was over with she sat near me, as did Blanche and Joanne Ferguson. What a meeting!!!

    Anyone who is in the area should drop in on an RIRW meeting. You will meet the most wonderful people in the world there.