Friday, August 26, 2011

Week 1 of Book Sales

I suppose I should wait till the end of the week to maybe I'll come back and adjust these numbers on Sunday.

For Love or Legacy went up on Amazon and Smashwords on Saturday night - how did it do?
  • On Amazon it went from (Sunday #767 on Kindle Store to Friday #181)  (Contemporary Romance #16)  I'm a numbers I'll share them #767 I had 141 downloads.  Today at #181 I have 1,344 sales.  I've been averaging 200-250 sales per day.   What does that mean in terms of money?  Since the book is $2.99...and the profit at that price is 70%... get about $2 per book.  At this rate, my book should pull in $3,000 for its first week out.  
  •  My first contest was tiny, but I think it was successful.  I only had 2 entrants in the actual contest but many people wrote to me and said that although they did not want to be in the contest they would promote my book.  Interesting.  Trust me, I'm grateful, but I'm not sure what it means.  Was my contest too complicated?  I going to host another next week and simplify it.  I'll tell you how it goes.


  1. Hey, Ruth. Congrats on Love or Legacy sales. I’m another one willing to help you promote. Why? As a fellow writer we help one another, and two, because I totally identify with your experience. I got a MS rejected which was set in Hong Kong. Well, maybe I overdid it, the hero was Asian too. Anyway, when I heard about your first book, I was like. Yes! It can be done, there is a readership out there. So basically I told my friends, we must support Ruth.

    Allow me to give you a hint about posting contests’ news. If you tweet the link to the contest’s entry exact page, it will help you to get more participants, and more people to retweet it. If the URL is too long for Twitter, simply use to shorten it.

    I usually promote books contests, but don’t participate, because I’m a book reviewer, and I get too many books free. So I prefer a reader getting the book instead, because it will be a paying reader in your future.

    Best of luck.

  2. I am SO HAPPY to hear your good news. You so deserve it. I've been following your adventure/experiment closely and have been reveling in your triumphs and your learning.

    All the best,