Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Daily downloads tally:
3308 on
60 on
9 on Barnes and Nobel

I'm now tweeting full force. I read tweets. I follow tweets to websites and comment on what is there. I share whatever bit of advice pops into my head. It's week two of tweeting and I have 29 followers now. My number of downloads have increased by about a third since I started. The biggest news I've gotten was an email from a woman with a free ebook blog who wrote to me and told me that she tracks hits to her website and that she is getting a lot of traffic from people specifically searching for me by name. I think that is twitter related. It could be blog related too. not sure.

Another exciting happening is that people have started emailing me from around the world. It's so cool. They ask me questions. They comment on my book. I can't tell you how that alone makes all the hours I spend writing worth it. Even if my sales are never is so wonderful to have created a world and to know that others have not only visited it but also enjoyed it.

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