Friday, May 27, 2011

Promotion that is working

Daily downloads tally:
3400 on
106 on - nice jump today
9 on Barnes and Nobel

What's working so far?
  • Tweeting brings more people to my blog and is increasing my downloads.
  • Contributing to other blogs brings over traffic directly to Smashwords.
  • I try to send my book or something out each day and that is finally showing results. I'll have to post a list of where I've sent.
  • I'm slowly making connections with wonderful ebook writers who are giving me advice on where else I should promote my book.
  • I just joined and will start contributing to that soon as I figure out what I have to say that is worth
  • Facebook brought a good number of people initially until I exhausted all of my friends of friends.
  • Stumbleupon sent several people over to my blog.
  • I have received several emails from people around the world -- so making an email more accessible to readers is a new goal of mine.

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