Saturday, June 18, 2011

65,000 + downloads since April 21

More than halfway toward my goal of 100,000 downloads.

Being on the top of the free download list helps.  It's promotion all by itself.  Now, how to stay there is the question.  I'm at about 450 twitter friends.  I'm working on setting up a blog tour.  I put the contest idea aside from least my big one.  I am considering offering a Kindle as a prize...especially since Kindle has been so good to me.

Emails are pouring in from around the world, amazing emails from wonderful people who want to either simply tell me that they enjoyed the book or who want to offer me advice on how to market it better.  For example, my cover. 

Last year, due to buget cuts, I lost my Kindergarten position and became an instructional coach.  I like what I do now, but I LOVED Kindergarten.  Since I left, they have sliced the program down to half-day and are taking the assistants.  So, even if I could get back into a K in my district -- it wouldn't be the same.

There has never been a better time for my writing to take off.  Three years ago I didn't want a  career in day job was too wonderful.  I'm so grateful for this chance...and that this chance has come just when I need it.

I just pray everyday that I am able to take advantage of the opportunities I've been provided. 

It's scary and kind of wonderful all at the same time.


  1. I love to see someone with ambition who is also grounded in gratitude. You deserve all the good things!

  2. That is such an incredible thing to say! Thank you!