Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kindergarten quote - Gingerbread man

Every year we make a gingerbread man with the class. Of course, when we are baking him a teacher accidentally peeks in and he escapes. He runs around the school, leaving clues for the children to track him down. When we finally catch him we eat him just like the fox did in the story.

Last year when we brought the captured gingerbread man back to the classroom one little girl started to cry.

I said, "Oh, honey, don't cry. We're just about to have a little party. Don't you want to eat the gingerbread man with us?"

She made a sincere plea for the life of a cookie. "Can't we let him go? Hasn't he been through enough?"

We invited our third grade buddies over to discuss the fate of our gingerbread friend. After much debate it was decided that cookies cannot live in the wild. They are meant to be eaten. They actually prefer being eaten to getting soggy out in the rain.

The sweet little girl who had wept for the gingerbread man said,"Ok, then can I have the head?" 

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