Saturday, June 18, 2011

Help me design a contest prize you'd like to win

I could raffle off a Kindle as part of my promotion contest for book 2: For Love or Legacy, but -- like my characters -- I like larger than life stuff.  I get excited.  I dream big.

I have been imagining a contest that involves stepping into the book -- going where Dominic and Abby went:
  • a 2 night stay in a B & B in Boston near Newbury St that looks like Dominic's brownstone
  • a limo ride to Newbury Street for a makeover and chinese food
  • I had thought about a ride over to Southwick's Zoo -- but friends of mine have said no one will want to leave Boston to go to the deer forest
  • I had also thought about a $50 gift card for a someone could buy an outfit like they did in the book
  • I've even played around with the limo taking the lucky winner to Chinatown in Boston (Sorry, can't afford Beijing)
  • This would be purely a destination prize.  Travel would have to be provided by the winner.  And it would also be BYOB (Bring your own BILLIONAIRE...I don't have one of those handy, either
  • And, only if the winner wanted, a coffee with the author (me) to discuss...well, whatever.....books, romance, life
I'd love to hear your thoughts!  How can I make this better?  What would someone who liked the book want to see? do? 

The legalities will be figured out by working with a third party who does contests, but I need your input now!

Help me design a prize you'd like to win!


  1. I would like the 2 nights in a Boston B&B. Who doesn't need a getaway every so often?

  2. I've never been to Boston. The B2B stay sounds awesome and romantic :)

  3. I don't think I could afford to make it over to Boston if I did win so I would like something that anyone could use if won. It could work if you gave a gift certificate to so that the winner could choose a closer location. Or a gift certificate for shopping would be my second choice.