Sunday, June 12, 2011

adjusting my goal to 100,000 downloads

(Free download # for this month)
27, 200 on AmazonUS
3,925  on AmazonUK

4050 Smashwords (cum. since April 21)

I've stopped looking at Barnes and Nobel.  It's just

MFB ranks #2 on the Amazon romance free download bestseller list and #4 on the general free download bestseller's list.  That's exactly the kind of visibility I have been aiming for!  The advice I found on those articles I suggested in earlier posts is working.

Total my numbers since April 21st and over  40,000 people have read my book.  That is so amazing to me and makes me hopeful that the strategy will pay off when I put my second book up at the end of the summer.  I hear that people who have done this see 1,000 SALES a day when they get to the next stage. 

My goal is to have 100,000 downloads by then.  That should give me enough of a reader base to do well if I price my book at $1.99.   I don't think I'll go higher than that.  The payout will only be 70 cents per book.....but if 50,000 people liked the book and download book two...that would be $35,000.

It's a lofty goal, but why not dream big?  Big dreams require a big investment of time and energy.  A big investment of time and energy usually reaps big results...big dreams.  You can't really have one without the other.

So, I'm dreaming big.  100,000 downloads here I come.
For now that means:
  • extensive word of mouth
  • guest blogging
  • tweeting about my book and various topics 
  • Finding followers.  I follow a new group of people each day and try to make it worth their while to follow me back.  I RT, I mention, I suggest their blogs. (I have 400 followers.  My goal is 500.)
  • my blog ...hey, I finally have people reading it!
  • I put my contest idea on hold for now, but I'm going to keep looking into the rules of it.
  • and helping other writers along the way.  Maybe I spent too much time teaching Kindergarten, but the phrase ...When we work together, we all my mantra. 
I am so grateful to all of the support I've gotten from friends and family (and even some complete strangers) on this journey.  Two months ago I was wondering if anyone was ever going to read Maid for the Billionaire.  The scariest part was waiting for the first reviews to come in.

If you're sitting on a book or a story -- come join me in this adventure.  What do you have to lose?