Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kindergarten quote - under there

I was out sick one day and a nun was the substitute in my classroom. While she was reading the children a story, one of the boys scooted forward and went under her long habit. When I returned to school and read the scathing note I called the boy over to my desk.

I said, "I have a note that says you crawled under the teacher's dress yesterday."

He said, "She wasn't a teacher."

I asked, "What was she?"

He said, "She was like that thing you put on a Christmas tree, but all in black."

I said, "That does not explain why you looked up her dress."

As if it were obvious to everyone but me, he said, "Sometimes angels don't have legs"

Proving once again why you should always listen longer.

Would the nun still have been offended had she realized that he thought she was an angel?

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