Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Nearing 100,000 downloads -- update

Now this would truly be worthy of a celebration if my book wasn't currently FREE....  However, if my goal was to have it read, it's being read.

How would you celebrate 100,000?  A glass of wine seems too little.  A midnight streak across the backyard seems like too much.....plus at 43 the youtube potential is frightening.... lol


I've backed off promoting it extensively to pour more of my energy into finishing book 2 of the series.  I gave myself the deadline of the end of August and it looks like it will be completed by then.  I have a skeleton version of each chapter.  Now comes the layering and the revisions....oh, yes and the research to support or change some of the wild ideas I had for it.

I hope those who enjoyed the first book will have just as much fun on the second wild ride.  It's equally not realistic but with some characters who are just different enough to be a lot of fun.   The entire series is about finding yourself and your family, but set in the classic category romance mayhem.    My only regret is I haven't figured out a way to work a Sheik into the series yet....lol  I have a yummy one in my imagination, but he might have to wait for his own series.

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  1. Awesome, I'm waiting patiently.....love the first book